Newsletter December 2019

Jerusalem, December / Chanukah 2019
Dear Friends and Supporters,
You have not heard much from us since the latest Update in May this year. But much has happened that will be most important for Yad Elie and more for the children we are supporting. Some of the developments you can read in this issue; the intention is to have another one in a few months’ time. In the meantime, rest assured, our normal work with feeding the malnourished children and supporting others who have similar needs is continuing.


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First of all: we have changed the chairmanship. I got Steve Israel and Noomi Staal to take it over. The reason is simple: they have both wide circles of people who are born Israelis or have lived here and been socially active during decennia. Noomi is also an experienced Yad Elie Board member. I have been here for only seven years and have a limited number of good contacts; my wide circle is in Holland. But to do the work for Yad Elie there, I don’t need to be the chairperson.
Secondly, as you will see from the list, we have added four more Board members. They all have much experience in the type of work that is needed for Yad Elie. I hope we will present them in the next issue; in the meantime you can read some information about them on our website (
Thirdly, this time we put the emphasis on the Nevet organization, with which we have begun a partnership on some projects. You can here read three pages about them. On page 3 you will see how Nevet works just like Yad Elie, but around the country and not seriously in Jerusalem. We hope that this partnership will help us expand our activities in our city.
On page 4 is the interview with the C.E.O. of Nevet. On page 5, titled Field Trip, there is a short report on a visit to two schools where Yad Elie and Nevet are already cooperating.
Finally this time, on page 6 there is an article about the refugees from Sudan and Eritrea who have fled into our country. They are families with children and with real problems. We are happy that we can join others to help these kids to lead a little better life.
Chanuka sameach – and when you decide on whom should be getting some of your Chanuka-geld, then please do remember Yad Elie.
Rabbi David Lilienthal, Board member