Yad Elie’s Mission

  • To eliminate hunger as a learning impediment and as an inhibitor of pursuing gainful employment
  • To make pupils responsible for their health and the health of others (environment)
  • To promote coexistence and a useful dialogue between the Arabs and the Jews in Jerusalem

Our work touches upon various disciplines. We care about nutrition, but also education. Working across religious and group borders is an ideological and political statement. We want to feed, but we also seek to nurture psychological and emotional needs of our children, We want to build bridges in a society torn by conflict and give concrete hope to the next generation.


Yad Elie targets malnutrition in the Jerusalem schools by providing the most needy pupils with healthy meals. Yad elie aims to provide resources to eliminate hunger as a learning impediment, and in the long run, as an inhibitor of pursuing gainful employment.Yad Elie feeds 500 Jewish and Arab children on a daily basis. Utmost care is given to provide the meals in a warm, home-like atmosphere in the pupils in order to give the pupils an extra emotional support that they often crave for.

Ignorance about nutrition and the food chain.
Yad Elie helps in setting up educational programs in order to teach pupils about nutrition and health. Yad Elie promotes the engagement of pupils in the process of growing their own food in school gardens, and it provides funds for school kitchens where children learn how to prepare healthy meals on a tight budget.

Lack of cooperation between Jewish and Arab schools
Yad Elie organizes workshops and seminars for teachers and parents on various topics. The purpose of these meetings is to create a platform where the Jewish and the Arab participants can think, work and discuss together and benefit from each other. In the past Yad Elie has set up fundraising workshops with a professional resource consultant in order to provide the participants with tools to become financially independent from Yad Elie. In another meeting a dietician taught strategies to have teenagers eat what they need. The issues that are connected to giving in diverse cultural settings have been analyzed and discussed.