Dutch students visit Israeli schools

20151014_181841_resized20151014_173426_resized Also this October a group of third year students from the Dutch CHE University toured Israel and visited schools that are supported by YAD ELIE.

The Maale Erev school in the North of Jerusalem is a religious Jewish evening school with special programs for adolescents that dropped out of the regular school system. Its students come from various socio-economic backgrounds and face multiple challenges.

YAD ELIE gives funds to the school to ensure that the students have at least one nutritious meal during the day. Very often the students come to Maale Erev after a long day of work and and long hours of travelling.

The principal of Maale Erev, Yaron Perets, addressed the Dutch visitors and invited several of his students to talk about their experiences at the school. The Dutch were surprised by the gratitude that the Maale Erev students expressed towards their school and its staff . Especially the CHE education students wanted to discover the “success formula” of the school and a lively discussion developed that continued informally in the yard of the school.

YAD ELIE  is grateful that together with the Center for Israel Studies, it can create those encounters and foster understanding between Dutch Christian students and their Israeli counterparts.