Mutambo Church Kenya supports Yad Elie

Yad Elie has donors and supporters of all ages, backgrounds and affiliations around the world. Recently we received a very special gift
from a group of Kenyan women living in the USA.

In March 2016 members of the Mutambo Kenyan Church of America came on a visit to Israel and supported needy schoolchildren in Jerusalem with a very generous donation. Yad Elie is extremely grateful for the helping hand that was extended by the members of the Church.
















In addition to their financial support, Mutambo church members came out on a cold and windy day to participate in the Yad Elie Coexistence Project in the Jerusalem Forest. They firmly established their roots in the Jerusalem soil by planting fig and olive trees.

The trees that have been planted by the Mutambo Church are cared for with love and dedication by the Arab and Jewish  Schoolchildren in the Yad Elie Urban Forest Project.