Each day Yad Elie cares for the most deprived, satisfying their hunger, preserving their health and restoring a smile to their faces.


The work of Yad Elie touches upon various disciplines. We care about food insecurity but also about education.We provide nutrition, and thus, we enable schoolchildren to concentrate and get most out of their education. We believe that ideologically and politically, it is imperative to work across religious, ethnic and national borders. We want to build bridges and give concrete hope to the next generation.



Schools that receive Yad Elie’s financial support can choose to use the funds as they see fit. After all, the teachers know best what their pupils need most. Each meal includes one serving of protein, carbohydrates, vegetables and sometimes a fruit. In some schools a healthy breakfast is served at 10.00 in the morning. In others hot lunches are catered or prepared in the school kitchen. Several schools work with Nevet, the country’s largest food bank and make sandwiches with the fresh rolls and spreads that are brought to them daily.

Yad Elie does not only support schools, but also numerous other educational frameworks. In the past it has supported the summer camps of Shutaf, provided food for needy schoolchildren on field trips and organised meals for homeless youths.