Coexistence at Orchard in the Jerusalem Forest

The video shows Jewish students offering a song in sign language to their fellow deaf Arab teammates.

A group of deaf and hearing Jewish and Arab teenagers from two schools work together on preparing part of the Jerusalem forest for urban agriculture.

This year, funded by Yad Elie and the Zippori Center, a mixed group of Jewish and Arab high school students from the Amit Technological High School and the Alliance School for the deaf have been involved in urban agriculture in the Jerusalem Forest. The students are trained in the field of ecological agriculture, with a focus on learning about terrace agriculture, fruit trees and water management.

The project aims to instill a sense self confidence and pride coming from working on a successful project that contributes to the environment. Through the project Yad Elie hopes to create respect and friendship between teenagers from different cultures and to make the Orchard into a meeting place where Jews and Arabs can work on the common goal of creating a healthy environment for all the Jerusalemites.