On Malnourishment

Viviane Chetrit -Vatine, former president of the Israel Psychoanalytic Society

“What could I say? That it is an enormity, a scandal, that children living in Israel can be lacking basic nutrition! We all know that this lack is correlated with conscious and unconcious messages of parents that transmit to their children a lack of self esteem, sadness, despair, envy and hate towards those that have. Those are parents that lack in capabilities to listen to their children and very often expect to be nurtured by their own offspring.

The act of giving food is not only the fulfillment of a physical need. It is a way in which a parent gives love and where an emotional need is addressed. This is the place where the child feels that there does exist a warm place of asymmetric responsibility towards him and that there is an ethical world out there. Without fulfilling these basic needs, a child will not be able to grow into a responsible and balanced human being, a mensh.”